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AL-Arcade: Leading Game Development Studio in the MENA Region - الآركيد: الاستوديو الرائد في تطوير الألعاب في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا

Pioneering Game Development and Gamification

About us

Welcome to AL-Arcade! We are a pioneering game development studio startup based in Egypt, Specializing in game development and gamification services, our work is deeply rooted in the art and science of game design and human psychology. AL-Arcade operates through three distinct branches: Game Development, Educational Development, and Software House. Each branch is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and engagement in their respective fields

Founded in 2020, AL-Arcade began with a passion for gaming and a commitment to bringing innovative gaming solutions to the market. Since then, we have grown into a multifaceted studio, collaborating with industry giants and expanding our reach in the MENA region.

our Mission

AL-Arcade is to revolutionize the game development industry by creating immersive, engaging, and innovative gaming experiences. We strive to blend art, technology, and psychology to craft games and gamified solutions that captivate and inspire users , We envision AL-Arcade as a leader in the global game development arena, known for our cutting-edge technology, creative excellence, and ability to transform ideas into captivating realities. We aim to set new standards in game development and gamification, fostering a vibrant community of players and developers.

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